“Years of experience”

I have been building websites for over 20 years using a variety of methods and interfaces and I have a strong ability to learn about your business and relay that information to prospective customers.  I can build a web presence custom-tailored to your business, and provide the required hosting services needed.

A couple of things you should be aware of…

My pricing for building a website varies on your specific needs.  Web development is not a static job like having your car alternator replaced at the dealership which is a calculated job.  Instead, the large variety of content distribution systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and so on, create a never-ending stream of updates and changes that make web development a variable product due to system, and component changes.

Content systems like WordPress, which is very popular, come with potential additional fees for things like plugins, themes, fonts, and graphics depending on your choices.  These license fees are not included in any of my prices and are your responsibility per your approval.  You are welcome to choose any template, plugin, etc., that you like, but the time to implement it may vary depending on the skills of the third party that created it.  I do not recommend one-off or custom templates due to the ever-changing browsing landscape and incompatibilities that often arise.

That said, this is how my pricing works…

Depending on the size of your business and the web presence that you desire to create and your need for my services, I’ve created the following packages.

Basic buildup $250

This is a great package if you’re just looking to get started and plan on doing most of the work yourself. I take care of setting up your website, DNS, mail, and other web hosting related features including SSL Security (https).  From there I install and configure the content system and install any themes or plugins you might need or want.  Theme and style consulting services are also available.  This package includes 5 hours of my time and additional hours are billed at the rate of $125/hr.

Business card websites $500

This package is best suited for small businesses that only require a minimal web presence.  This package includes everything in the basic buildup package but I don’t stop there.  I develop the website to reflect the basic needs of small businesses. Things like the contact form, map, clickable phone number, introduction, services, photo gallery tools, and about us sections depending on your needs.  These sites are focused on being reference sites for customers that “check out their website” before making an action.  This package includes 5 hours of my time and additional hours are billed at the rate of $125/hr.

Basic business websites $1,000

Designed for the small to medium-sized businesses that are trying to attract new customers online.  This package includes everything above and adds the development of systems to capture more customers including things like multiple service pages, product pages, shopping carts, mailing lists, quote forms, or other custom forms.  These options require your pre-approval.  This package includes 8 hours of my time and additional hours are billed at the rate of $125/hr.

Basic business w/copy $1,500

While I include minor writing or copy work with the above packages, I can research as needed and write copy for your pages as desired.  Depending on your industry, and what you can tell me about your products, I can create additional pages and written content to better advertise your business.  This is where my SEO services start since I have more control over the written content of the website.  Optional services include google conversions, photoshoots of your establishment, and/or products as desired.  This package includes 16 hours of my time and additional hours are billed at the rate of $125/hr.

Brick and motor business services $2,500

This is my largest in house development package.  Still using your choice of theme, I research and create pages specific to your business, I review your competition and their advertising tactics, form internet relations with other businesses in your area as needed to improve your Internet presence and drive more customers to your door.    This package includes 24 hours of my time and additional hours are billed at the rate of $125/hr.

Large projects requiring team-based professional web development starting at $3,500

I have managed and provided support for web developers for over 20 years. As a result, I can have your project handled by some of the best developers in the world.  This basic package is designed to allow me to manage your project using third-party developers.  The final cost of course will depend on your project goals and requirements. This package includes 35 hours of my time and additional hours are billed at the rate of $125/hr. Does not include a minimum of $2,500 in third party service fees.

Social media development

Social media can be a powerful tool to drive customers to your door, or just let them know you are still in business and open.  There are a wide variety of places where it is necessary to put your name on their wall to expose your business to new faces.  Your potential customers are using a wide variety of apps and platforms to communicate where they can find out about your business.

Not every business needs a page or link on every social media platform in existence.

That said, depending on your project and time allowances, I can set up the various social media websites and help you get started using them and if desired, provide scheduled posts using your artwork or ours.  Prices start at $100 and are billed at the rate of $100/hr.

Backend management

All web applications need to be updated on a regular basis to prevent your website from getting hacked.  Packages like WordPress include additional update requirements in the way of templates, and themes which require updating monthly if not immediately when a bug or hole is discovered.  Both themes and plugins are created by third-party developers of varying skill levels and may result in crashes during updates.  While I can’t protect your site from every developer making a typo, I can make adjustments and keep your site running.  Prices vary…

Frontend management

I am available to manage your website including site development, social media, and SEO management on an ongoing basis.  Prices vary…

Website hosting services.

I do prefer working on my own servers in my own datacenter where I have full control over the server and related systems.  I am root, and user accounts are not very helpful most of the time.  Prices vary depending on your needs.