Powerful Internet Services

For over 25 years I have maintained my own equipment at not only my datacenter but countless customer locations all over the world.

I have provided managed internet services since around 1996 when the public Internet was born.

I use only industrial rack-mounted servers with dual power supplies, multiple drive RAID storage arrays using industrial-grade hard drives and Xenon or better CPU’s designed for servers. I never use inexpensive consumer desktops, laptop grade CPUs, consumer hard disks, etc. Disaster recovery demands it.

Over the years I have managed a wide array of webservers, firewalls, routers, switches, networks, computers, printers, annoyed customer service agents, annoying technical support people, and a lot of IP based devices.  I can manage your server, or website, or help you migrate as needed.

My datacenter includes strong security, weather-resistant buildings, video surveillance, a gated parking, a climate-controlled environment, dual fiber entrance (ring protected), UPS uninterrupted power, primary and secondary diesel generators, security card access, and meet standard compliance for just about everything it can.  Which is a lot of things…  Dedicated direct high-speed internet connections are available throughout southeast Michigan.

You don’t have to be a server expert to use my services. I have been managing servers since the late ’90s and I can manage yours!

Managed website services start at $25 a month which includes Webhosting.  Webservers and firewalls start at $50 a month.  Bulk rates are also available.

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