Internet Business Development

Starting a new business is fantastic and there is always a lot of work that needs to be done to make a product successful.   Interfacing your business with the internet can be a difficult and confusing project.  I can get your business up and running online almost in the blink of an eye.  I can use the material you’ve created or I can create material for you after gathering the goals and features of your business.

I’m not a professional advertising and marketing company, just someone that has been doing it for over 25 years.

The next step for your business is picking a domain name to represent your company online and make it easy for your customers to remember and type into a device and visit your website.  I have provided domain name registration services for over 25 years and have some of the lowest prices on the market.

I no longer build or install point of sale systems.  Support is limited to data recovery and exporting data when possible.

Depending on your type of business, I can suggest various Internet solutions to meet your needs from startup to production.  Depending on your location, type of business, and the extent of the services you need, I do still provide some onsite support for business accounts in a variety of ways including, product development, building inspections, contractor management, safety, and maintenance.  I can sometimes even be talked into doing network drops, and most labor-related, ladder climbing, dusty ceiling type of work as needed to get you running.

Now that your business is ready we can build the web presence and open the doors for customers.

I provide solutions that meet today’s internet presence requirements for businesses.  I can help you build yours too.

Contact me for more information and get started today!