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When the internet started, the Linux operating system quickly became the first choice of an operating system when it came to building the web we know today.  I started working with Redhat 4.2 which should not be confused with a production version, this was the free version that made them so popular and RedHat what it is today.  I now work primarily RedHat based systems like Centos and Ubuntu.  I have built over 1000 updates and custom OS packages and worked on countless servers and websites over the years.  I can support and manage your system no matter what it is as well.  It’s what I’ve done for over 20 years.

In 1998 when Bill Gates introduced Windows 98 at a convention meeting, even Bill got a dreaded blue screen of death.  It was all I needed to make my choice of OS as I started providing web hosting services based on the dependability and reliability my customers demanded.  I still administer windows systems, but I think they are cute and limited now. They still make a nice desktop system and server platform.

I currently provide support for Redhat based systems like Centos and Debian based systems like Ubuntu.  These operating systems have been around for a very long time and I am intimately familiar with them and what can be done with them now.  I am a big fan of using a Linux desktop when possible, but can easily handle Windows desktops and servers as well. I do not provide coding services, I manage coders and the mischief they get into sometimes.

Throughout the years my rates have stayed the same.  I charge per on a per-incident basis with a maximum time limit based on $25/hr

I offer URGENT service where “You are next” and most of the time I can start working on the problem while we are on the phone… it’s best to call when you have an urgent matter… Please make sure you say you want urgent service right away when contacting me… I also offer RUSH service where your work request is completed the same day or within 24 hours in most cases… Please note that all urgent work is completed before rush jobs are started… I also have STANDARD service so if your not in a big hurry I can do the work at my minimum charge and that gets you “On the List” which can take up to a few days sometimes…  Server De-hacking and data recovery are treated the same as urgent service.

Operatng System Service, Troubleshooting, adjustments, eMail problems, Whatever it is, I can fix it or provide you with a recovery path.

If I get into your server and find that you have been hacked I will contact you asap!

My Prices

  • Standard Service puts you on the list and is $50 which includes 1 hour
  • Rush service is within 24hrs and is $100 which includes 4 hours
  • Urgent service means you are next and is $150 which includes 4 hours
  • Cobalt RaQ4 support starts at $25
  • Additional hours are billed at the rate of $50/hr

Please contact me directly

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