Cobalt Networks RaQ and Qube

In the late 90’s when the public Internet was starting up and everyone was experimenting with website development they needed an easy place to serve or as we say now, host the files that make it go.  Cobalt Networks created the first Internet appliances that not only hosted websites but also acted similarly to a router but with all the popular office server capabilities including storage. Both appliance versions were very popular with web hosting companies like myself, small to medium-size businesses, and government agencies around the world.

I have been working with internet devices since Internet devices were invented…

In those days everybody joined mailing lists and we all set up eMail accounts just for the lists since these were high traffic lists.  I still maintain an archive of almost all the postings at  There was a lot of misinformation in those days and I did my best to put up with the trolls and still help people get the answers they needed.  Over time the group turned me into a consultant and I became known worldwide as Zeffie the Cobalt Consultant.

After attending a technical school, and with the introduction of the IBM PC in 1984, I’ve provided computer consulting services.

I hired a local “kid” who just happen to be on the user list and lived within a couple of miles of me. Chris was just getting started in web programming like most kids his age and together we created dozens of scripts and packages that modified RaQ’s built-in control panel and provided additional services like Spam and virus filtering, firewalls, and intrusion detection.  I still provide support for the devices but there aren’t too many out there anymore.

We created numerous OS updates and scripts that enhanced the default control panel and operating system…

When the updates stopped coming I was already making my own line of OS updates and I have continued that until just recently.  It’s time for me to build an archive system that curious minds can use to do some basic things and explore the basics of Webhosting, Mail filtering, intrusion detection, and basic security.  Given time to do it, I will most likely make one last restore CD, But without all the update packages incorporated into the default build.  PHP and MySQL might not make it to acceptable versions but heck, they were never part of the original build anyways.

Unless the now-famous kernel and “bios” developer releases and updated firmware, it’s just a toy from here.

The control panel from a later model was open-sourced and has lead to the development of a few systems that work just about the same as the RaQ550.  The most popular and the only one I would recommend is BlueOnyx.  BlueOnyx has been the product of one of the original list members for more years then I care to count. If you’re looking for a proven business class and license-free hosting platform that is stable, unlike many popular control panels, I would strongly recommend taking a look at BlueOnyx located HERE. NOTE: There is no easy migration path from cPanel.

I still support all versions of the control panel to this day.  Packages and Updates are only available for the RaQ4 OS.  Throughout the years my rates have stayed the same.  I charge per on a per-incident basis with a maximum time limit based on $25/hr

I offer URGENT service where “You are next” and most of the time I can start working on the problem while we are on the phone… it’s best to call when you have an urgent matter… Please make sure you say you want urgent service right away when contacting me… I also offer RUSH service where your work request is completed the same day or within 24 hours in most cases… Please note that all urgent work is completed before rush jobs are started… I also have STANDARD service so if your not in a big hurry I can do the work at my minimum charge and that gets you “On the List” which can take up to a few days sometimes…  Server De-hacking and data recovery are treated the same as urgent service.

Operatng System Service, Troubleshooting, adjustments, eMail problems, Whatever it is, I can fix it or provide you with a recovery path.

If I get into your server and find that you have been hacked I will contact you asap!

My Prices

  • Standard Service puts you on the list and is $50 which includes 1 hour
  • Rush service is within 24hrs and is $100 which includes 4 hours
  • Urgent service means you are next and is $150 which includes 4 hours
  • Cobalt RaQ4 support starts at $25
  • Additional hours are billed at the rate of $50/hr

Please contact me directly or visit for more information…