You might’ve heard of VPN service before to protect your data. Unfortunately, most of the VPN service is out there today are based in foreign countries and have endpoints all over the world, not the United States. This isn’t a very good security model. In a lot of circumstances, your data should not be flowing through a device that is shared by thousands of people.  Unless you want to watch movies that you’re not authorized to in your country, hide your searches from your Internet service provider or just surf porn, these VPN services are not secure.

As I am writing this in 2020 there are now an estimated 50 billion devices connected to the internet.

With today’s cybersecurity threat it is more important than ever to secure our network traffic from prying eyes. We can no longer use WIFI safely anywhere we go these days and our Internet service providers are keeping track of our usage so they can sell the data.  The VPN service I provide uses only state of the art IPSec, and IKEv2 encryption to provide the easiest installation on the most popular computers and phones.

I provide both dedicated and shared VPN services from multiple locations that are all based in the United States for security reasons.

VPN security is now a requirement for us all.

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