There are a lot of platforms that provide Webhosting service but It’s no secret that I’m a Linux supporter and have been since RedHat introduced it to the world.  I have found the best security and group of people to work within the Linux world.  The operating system is very friendly and almost completely opensource making it the most developed OS ever produced.  I have been able to mold it into whatever was needed to provide the services people have wanted.

I have been using and supporting Linux products for almost 25 years now.

I can provide you with everything needed to host your website from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting services.  If your just starting out then shared hosting is a great place to be.  Not only can I assist you in getting your website setup, but also with the information to register and lock it down for safety.

Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, PHP, and MySQL, it’s all a part of the Linux world…

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