To whom it may concern.

Recently I received an offensive letter with threats from my Landlord followed by the Property Owner for undisclosed reasons.

Franks Letter

I am a very peaceful and quiet person with over 20 years of apartment living that will never do anything to give someone cause to make a complaint about me. I am respectful of people that want their privacy and friendly to those who are sociable. I am very well practiced and experienced in this area because I have been a “work at home” internet consultant and service provider as you can see from the rest of this site since 1996.

I am the son of a bank president, and I’ve been in computers all my life. I choose to be here to help my friend and I still want to. She really needs someone to make sure she eats, has her c-pap on at night, windows open or closed, furnace set for comfort, and my cats to keep her company. I do a lot of things to improve her quality of life.

The fact that I would be called a prostitute shows how little they know about me. I have worked with law enforcement for around 20 years which includes lawyers and members of various law enforcement agencies internationally. I have freely helped more people throughout my life then I can begin to count both local and internationally through various mediums.  My mother and father were not only active in helping others in the local community but well after their retirement in Florida running a Habitat for Humanity until they no longer could.  My parents were involved in my decision to stay with Paula.

I do not have, nor have I ever, or have a desire to have a personal relationship with Paula. I have paid Paula over $10,000 since I moved in and I am currently paying the Gas and Electic at around $500 a month. Previously Paula was having difficultly keeping the heat and electricity on. While I only intended to stay here a short time, when I got here I found that I needed to be here for a variety of reasons with a primary reason of needing to be here for Paula and help her as she enters her senior years. We have been through a lot together and I’m really happy to be here for her when she needs help the most.

My paying Paula has enabled her to do several things that she has wanted to do but never been able to do.

As you may or may not know, Paula has been a friend since moving out of her mother’s house for around 15 years. Paula has been an avid walker all her life and as I think you are aware Paula had a stroke some years ago and was sent home in a wheelchair after being told she may never walk again. Since then she has been on a walking campaign. Paula walks 1 to 2 miles per day in various directions and jokes that the people with windows in some areas must know her. This is something she does at least once every day and sometimes more than that as long as I have been here.

Paula has been a member of the gym called Fitness 19 located downtown, which she walked to twice a week and has a personal trainer helping her. After around 10 years, the Gym was closed for covid which lead to Paula walking publicly more. Paula tells me she walks up to two miles sometimes. There have been times when she will gets like a junkie for hot chocolate and walks to Kroger or elsewhere when she shouldn’t and more than once I have driven after her. One hot day this year she was disoriented in a parking lot. As a result, I keep an eye on her the best I can. While I do my best to look after her, I have no business telling her she can’t do whatever she wants. I just make sure she gets back and sometimes go looking for her.

While she is trying, last year at age 65 Paula received a pacemaker. I was here the night she had a problem and drove her to the hospital and was there for her when she got out. I have also driven her to the hospital a couple of other times. I do my best to provide her with caregiver services because the stroke has left her a little slow and forgetful, which is normal for stroke victims. With a good understanding of the difficulties stroke victims have I act as a caregiver for her.  I think this is easier due to my long term work experience.

I have her phone setup for both Uber and Lyft, she refuses to use either one and walks.

These days I’m happy to be here for her and provide her with caregiver related services like checking on her day and night like a nurse, cooking as much as she will eat, and providing her with problem/solution support, TV, Internet access, a working computer, and now even car repairs.

    Areas I focus on include

  • Activities – enabling
  • Breathing – related treatments
  • Diet – reducing high fat and sugar
  • Cooking – I provide food and cook as needed
  • Sleep quality w/nightly c-pap checks
  • Fresh air while cleaning – per her emphysema
  • Transportation – maintaining her ability to drive

When her sister, a registered nurse was over last week she said “He’s really a good caregiver”

Paula gets the 24/7 in-home support she needs.

outside of caregiver services I do the following

Cat Support:  Paula was completely alone before I arrived and my cats have given her a lot of Joy.  My Black one sleeps with her every night and is her buddy.  He sleeps under her chair and sits in the chair with her.  I believe he is very fond of her and loves her.  Part of that may be because I pay Paula to clean the cat litter and he likes clean litter.

Financial support: I have paid Paula well over $10,000 and she is currently receiving around $500 per month.  I often buy her small store items when she goes shopping.  I have also provided additional monies for things like toilet paper, soaps, and food.

Shopping: Until covid hit, Paula did all her own shopping.  During covid, I have tried to make regular trips using the pickup system (which is great anyway) for both of us.  We both put in our orders, confirm the same pickup times, and order together.  Sometimes she goes all on her own, even when we have plans to go and it’s the hottest day of the year.

Tech Support: Paula has now been trained by me in using a smartphone, one of my computers (the third one), and how to solve basic problems.  This did require some weaning time which could have been misunderstood for fighting by other non-experienced people.  Paula now searches, clicks, and sometimes types all on her own now.  She rarely needs to ask for help and when she does now her problems allow me to cover advanced topics and how to solve the problem herself.

Phone support: Paula often receives spammy phone calls and sometimes they are bad people.  I have taken several for her and gotten rid of people trying to rob her.  I have been training her on Internet Security best practices, smartphone handling, and usage.  I maintain her phone for her.

Man of the house:  I provide a helping hand for various household tasks like taking out the garbage, cat poop, changing the litter, toilet problems, bringing things in from her car, I reviewed the tub after she mentioned it was draining while she tried to take a bath and found the leak she had complained about for years to Frank and Joe finally repaired it within a few days. It should be noted here that Frank allowed a bathtub leak 5′ from the building foundation to persist for several years which could have resulted in structural damage.  When Paula called Joe about the sink leaking, I had already found the same thing Joe did which was operator error and older washers.  Joe was nice enough to replace the faucet with a different style instead of trying to explain it to Paula which I had already tried to do.  I really appreciated him doing that for her.

Repairs: I have repaired Paula’s standard sewing machine (new motor bearings, foot pedal and clean, and adjust).  I have also repaired her other 4 string machine which needed a blade sharpened, cleaning, and oil.  I have repaired her lamps, replaced the living room bulbs with low energy equivalents, maintained the stove per her requests, and then there is her car.

Car repairs:  Shortly after I moved in Paula had about a three-month lapse with her driver’s license and stayed home, walked a lot, and was happy about the whole thing. I helped make sure her re-licensing with the state was moving along the best I could.  At the end of 2019, Paula felt uncomfortable with a noise her car was making, took it to her trusted mechanic, and was told she needed a new subframe.  She actually needed a new control arm.  Paula was upset about the cost of repair and wanted to sell the car and knowing she had no way to replace it I offered to purchase it so I could maintain it for her or give her time to change her mind.  This is a long story that includes Paula getting taken advantage of by a tow truck driver and the new auto repair on the corner.  when everybody was done taking advantage of her the control arm finally broke while she was driving and while I tried to get the repair and alignment done at a reasonable cost we were unable to.  Between problems with Paula trying to sell the car, she and her family had $2.000 into I had argued that she had sold the car to me, could not sell it and I would only leave our agreement if she repaired, and maintained her car.    As winter approached and with some help from Covid Paula finally changed her mind and wanted a car again.  I ordered new control arms, sway bar components, tie rod ends, calipers, discs, pads, etc, I put the control arm on to get it back on the road, and then took it over to a “rent a lift” in Livonia where I replaced everything.  Paula is pretty happy with her car, steering is much better, she still needs struts, and there was a problem with the discs.  Anyway, it took a year but I have her driving safely now and I was able to get her a partial refund from the auto repair and for the brakes for a total of about $350.  Our complaint with the state is complete and we can proceed to small claims now.

The day I received the letter taped to my door an older man in the little gray car had stopped to chat with me about Paula walking a good distance away. Which is not unusual.  He said that he saw Paula waking over by the restaurant she likes to go to. From Paula’s point of view, he didn’t offer her a ride and only came back here and complained about Jeff.  I have done my best to point the man out to Paula and the one time I think I saw him, Paula was unable to identify him.  We still don’t know who he is.

I understand concerns about some of her choices of when and how far to walk but there is nothing I can do when she decides to take her walks. Her mind is made up, and that’s if I even know.

As far as the threatening letter goes, here are a few responses…

“no one would accept you”

I had already ok’d it here prior to my moving in according to Paula who I instead that she made sure of numerous times before I moved in.  However from the moment I actually moved in, Frank started threatening me. Including making a big deal about my work car and parking.  Turns out there is plenty of parking for it including Paula’s second space. As a result, I had to sell my work vehicle and have struggled ever since.  After seeing that Paula really needed someone here anyway, I made no attempt to find another place to move to or followed up on the related lawsuits I need to file and close before I start looking for a new place.  My last landlord broke every rule in the book.  Seriously, Every law he could.

“What kind of a human being…”

Some of this I’m just not going to respond to other than to point out that the writer is exhibiting severe anger without an exact cause or given reason to do so.

“Cold weather, asking people for rides, and me on my fanny and on the streets”

I encourage her not to walk in the cold and heat but she does it anyway. She is asking for rides because she wants non-dietary items like Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate, and other Sugar that I will not make special trips to purchase for her. We both go to the store and pick up food once a week and the same for prescriptions. I also did not drive her to dearborn when she started school to become a nurse however I did end up making a few pickups.

I have been an internet service provider for over 20 years. I have maintained my own equipment less the 20 minutes from here and have for over 10 years. Currently, I wake up and sit at my desk and work on all aspects including customer support, development, sales, etc, My office hours are 12-12 7 days a week and I actually work until 4 am. I take my breaks outside, I like to take long phone calls outside sometimes too. You may have now have heard of “remote workers” which I have been for over 20 years.  I am a modern version of the Maytag repairman at times too.

My type of work involves protecting the income of thousands of people and I take it very seriously. I have customers all over the world and when they call, I need to be sitting here and ready to start typing to get them back in business with whatever problem they are having. I do not sit anywhere else in the apartment for various reasons.

“move so someone else can help her”

Paula is not aware of another friend she can trust or would be willing to move in with. I do what I do for her for the simple reason that I care about her, I understand why she is where she is today, and my lifestyle makes it possible. Bottom line there is nobody else she is aware of that is going to move in and help her on a daily basis as I do or even less.

“your opinion of me, prostitute”

While it is beyond the scope of this letter I consider myself one of Michigans sex/human trafficking victims and I have reported trafficking for at least 10 years.  Calling me a prostitute is beyond offensive in any use of the word,  This also shows that the writer is out of touch with current standards of professionalism and politically correct behaviors and should be replaced.

“Your threat about my behavior changing or I will be evicted”

This is where things become even more concerning.  When I moved in Frank said he knew everything that goes on here.  I looked and didn’t find any cameras or recording devices anywhere and I have a lot of technology experience to know what I am looking for.  Frank is no longer able to freely walk the property for health reasons unknown to me but which include a walker now.  I have no reason to believe that any evidence exists except for Franks’s built-in bias towards deriving conclusions based on hearsay, and his own biases.

For this reason, we get to discuss the neighborhood, the Cats, and even the lawn boy.

Kay, Ann, Mike.  One of the few perks of being a smoker was being outside and spending a few moments with them before they passed.  We used to do garbage walks, and talk about the news and weather mostly.  I did my best to keep their cars ready for them during the winter by salting, shoveling, and brushing sometimes.  Sometimes I just wasn’t fast enough though.  They are all missed and there were no problems I was aware of with these people.

Sarah: Like Sarah, my mother was a school teacher and it’s nice to have her living here.  Initially, we weren’t very social, but after we both participated in saving X cat one night and helping her move a couch, we are sociable and when we get around to it she will be using and selling my new cybersecurity VPN solution.  You should too!

The Lawn boy:  When I first moved in the lawn boys were coming at like 7 am and I work until 12am which is really 4 am most of the time for the last 15 plus years for IT-related reasons.  I was woken up by them and it should be noted that my lifestyle includes people calling me up while sleeping with emergencies that I complete and go back to sleep.  So I went out and had a smoke and while I was there I spoke to one of the workers and said something to the effect of, I just moved here and my shift has me getting up at 10, I really don’t want to complain to the landlord and can you put this place later on the schedule? I never did make a complaint and hoped for the best.  I’m guessing someone else complained because that stopped pretty fast.  Then we got a call from Frank.  It turned out I was smoking in the bathroom and the Lawn boy had seen me.  Obviously, he is not aware that there is no fan in the bathroom and that smoking anywhere in the apartment windows open or not would stink up the entire building and cause all hell to break loose.  I have never smoked in the building.  but according to Franks bias, he heard it and I did it.

Lawnboy damagesLawn guy damage:  Since I like to walk down the driveway and look around I have been trying to figure out why the grass keeps getting killed on the right and there has been someone driving over the lawn six feet in.  Well, I finally figured it out and you don’t have to take my word for it as photos tell most of the story.  Sure the garbage truck is partly responsible for the area near the dumpster, but the rest is the fault of the lawn boys.  Truck one always pulls over to the right and waits for truck two before leaving behind truck one.  They also ripped up the blacktop patch in the parking lot.  Again this year, I removed the weeds along the fence, the wooded area, and around the bushes, and cleared dead stuff.

Until covid, I was picking up cigarette butts that belonged to others as well.

Stacey:  I’m sure she was upset about my car being parked where I was told to be parked as she now has a track history of getting angry about her spot, leaving notes on car windows, etc.  But we get along fine, always a pleasant word, some small talk and she took care of cat X and found it a home.  No problems here that I am aware of.

Ellen:  From what I understand Ellen was upset that I moved in on principle.  I don’t make any claim to understand why she feels that way, or why she so angry with the world, why she feels she needs to attack me.  It’s well known with the local police and everybody in the building that she is a wack job, and I’m going to add dangerous to the list since she possibly went after Paula with a knife for doing laundry during the day.  She found me instead and claimed to be “randomly tightening screws” as usual with a  butter knife.  There is another laundry story where she came down and yelled at me for starting the laundry at 8:20 at night.  I had plenty of time, the type of shirts dry super fast.

My favorite Ellen story is where we received a call from Frank because my cat was in the hallway and we were in trouble for allowing that. Turns out that cat X had escaped from Stacy’s apartment directly across the hall from Ellen’s.  Ellen misguidedly assumed the cat was mine and called Frank to complain. I tried to talk to Joe about this and explain that I was not involved in the situation in any way whatsoever and Joe told me sometimes it’s just easier to say I’m sorry.   I easily never interact with Ellen by choice and without much effort.

Ellen is also responsible for using Frank to harass a 25ish-year-old girl named Emily that moved in with repetitive false claims.

Frank and Becky: When I moved in Becky attacked me for an odd reason.  She didn’t want me to move in at all and it wasn’t until I told her how long I’d know Paula that she stopped both her physical and verbal attacks.  She then realized that I was not the person that is living with her Aunt and won’t move out or pay rent.  Yes, she thinks I’m somebody else and it’s because of her brain surgery/disability.  They do have a handicapped license plate as evidence.  Regardless we have been social ever since however, Becky is always looking for a problem and not just for me.  She has always been the first to “see what is going on” when events happen, or just in conversation, her eyes have anger in them.  From the looks of things Frank is in a difficult situation and basically walking on pins and needles around her.  Frank is a really nice guy.

Recently they stopped being sociable and we thought they stole our pop bottles or it was ellen, which read to this however they did greet Paula one of those I have to walk on a high heat day on her return.  Given their location they could have eavesdropped and taken things they heard out of context.  I don’t know why they are less sociable, and I don’t really care to except as needed to maintain a peaceful community.  I am on good terms with them to the best of my knowledge.

Kathy upstairs above this apartment:    when I moved in Kathy was not happy about it at all. She supposedly made numerous phone calls complaining to Frank who then intern called us usually telling us absurd things to do. Things like turning down the TV set when it wasn’t on. This was the result I will dispute between Kathy and Paula and other neighbors who are no longer living here and is well documented via police reports from long before I got here.  Kathy created a situation where we were unable to talk in our own home where are the subject of bogus complaints and pounding on the floor for any given reason.  This was all documented in the last police report in which I believe the police contacted both Kathy and Frank.  Since then things have gotten very quiet and peaceful. I am very mindful of Kathy’s 4 AM wake up time and I help Paula be a better neighbor by letting her know when she is being noisy at inappropriate times.  We can also feel comfortable talking in the living room and kitchen now.

I have taken steps to mend their friendship and feel I have been successful.  While they are not best buddies anymore, they are social, I think the stress is gone, and Kathy has even helped when the cat escaped by encouraging Paula to go upstairs and ask her for help and a flashlight, which I didn’t really need.  I’ve had cats for 50 years. But I have worked to create a peaceful situation and I believe I have.  Things are very quiet around here.

Covid.  Since the beginning of Covid Paula has rejected the whole thing. She believes it has something to do with the federal reserve, Bill Gates, and has done everything in her power to try and get covid.  Together we have discussed many of the other wonderful conspiracy theories and come to the conclusion together that we really don’t know anything.  There was certainly some heated debate over safety and quarantine initially. As a homeworker of 20 years I didn’t really care about staying home for a couple of weeks, a month, a year, it didn’t really make a difference since I don’t go out at all since moving in.  I had and still have a lot of catch-up work to do and the only place I go to is the pool hall, which oddly enough has been a source of cardio and stretching workout for me over the last few years.  I still intend to work on cybersecurity investigations on a local level when the covid season is over.  Paula has made every attempt possible to get covid.

Others, misc.:  The rest of the people around here are generally quiet, polite, and do not make random hateful phone calls to the best of my knowledge and I have a very low amount of interaction with them.  When I do, it’s always good and this includes everyone no matter their status as listed above.  I have no interest in adding to the drama and having more bad stories to write or tell in letters, websites, legal proceedings, etc.  I do not have time for drama.

Shortly after moving in Paula wanted to post a message to everybody to leave me alone.  I had her put it on the refrigerator so as not to cause more drama and it is a little embarrassing.

Joe the owner:  I have only spoken to Joe a few times.  Joe and his son maintain the property, paint and prepare apartments, and are responsible owners that maintain their own property including things like snow removal, AC/furnace repair, plumbing, lawn work, etc, as needed and can be seen passing through almost daily.  When we have given up on Frank for repairs and called Joe, he has been very responsive.

I want to note here that I have over 12 years of experience managing contractors, repairing myself, and maintaining over 250 tons of AC, and chillers in an industrial setting that operated 24/7.  When the blower motor failed in our unit Paula called Frank who after more than one call and request finally came down and replaced the battery in the thermostat, told us not to use dollar store batteries, and to just let it run.  The compressor was visibly freezing up and this action would of most likely caused valve damage due to the high pressures, excessive electrical costs from running at full load, and possible compressor failure resulting in much more expensive repairs.  I kept it off, Paula called Joe and it was repaired in a day or two.  Joe has been very responsible.

Doosey: After trying to speak to Joe about the letter and seeing him angry for the first time, I spent some time investigating what could have caused this since it couldn’t just be the man who didn’t give Paula a ride.  Meet Doosey the cat.  His name is the combination of two ex-boyfriend names of Pastor Ron’s daughter Brittany who live in Paula’s apartment before her.  I’ve always said it’s a God-given name because he is a Doosey.  This year he has been trolling both of us for treats so much that we have both been yelling things like “NO”, “STOP IT”, “GET OUT”, “GET OUT OF HERE”, and so on.  Much of this could have been easily confused by the misguided bunch mentioned above for fighting, etc.  Especially by the woman with the brain problem that thinks I’m somebody else and is looking for a problem so she can jump in and have a physical fight with anybody.  She’s nice but scary.

I no longer have treats at my desk and the boys only get them a few times a day and only in the kitchen.  doosey no longer trolls us and the stress levels around here have been reduced.

The summary of my investigation is the cat caused us to be yelling bad things that crazy people felt they should call Frank and tell him about.  This includes Kathy who has been already told to stop harassing us or be arrested and potentially forced to move.  I found nothing else that could have potentially caused Joe to become angry and I don’t have any complaints from Paula.  We have talked about moving into a house so I can get a pool table together but have not been looking.  If there is a  problem I am not aware of, I would like to know what it is.  At this time Frank has not disclosed any reason for his actions, threats, and ongoing treatment of Paula.  If this is a continuance of the unwarranted complaints we have received I would request you contact the authorities before something bad happens to Paula or myself for no good reason.

Paula’s eye surgeries and bad timing.

We received Franks letter 2 weeks before Paula’s scheduled eye surgery, and her second surgery was just rescheduled again because she was feeling sick.  For this event, her sister the nurse is helping with transportation and monitoring right afterward.  I will follow up with anything I need to do for Paula that night just like the last time.  Since Paula is enjoying the changes in her life this letter has threatened not just me but her as well at a time she is already under great stress.  (Talk about treating an old lady bad)

Since the day I moved in here Frank has been harassing me for no reason. I am a very easy person to get along with and I don’t know him. However, he has been insulting towards me, threatened my safety and that of my cat’s and my friend Paula, and has continued with uncalled for behavior that needs to stop.

Sexually harassing behaviors by Frank

Paula is a 65-year-old virgin as far as I know as the result of an alpha or aggressive male when she was in high school.  Paula is extremely religious and not even the threat of death by Covid has stopped her from going to church.  Paula has repeated the same story and held the same beliefs since I met her some 15 years ago.  Unfortunately in her retirement years she is once again being “controlled by a man” namely Frank leaving her afraid of what he could do.

Paula was upset about receiving this letter and first called Frank and while I only heard a part of the conversation I did hear Frank say “Don’t worry Paula, I’ll take care of you”.  Paula would later report that Frank often referrers to me as her “lover”.  Paula wrote one of her own letters and was insistent on taking it down to Frank and she has also stated she has spoken to both Joe and Frank a few times since requesting that I be left alone.

Paula told me tonight that she had gone down and Frank told her that he would wait for Paula to make a complaint before evicting.  While I don’t think Paula realizes it, this is the same as the threats I lived under for the three years prior to moving here.  This means that at any time if Paula gets mad because I didn’t run out to get her Ice Cream, or maybe a “Call” from someone complaining for whatever bogus reason.  I could be kicked out.  I am now living under threat again and that is not acceptable.  This is a problem that can only be resolved with a one year lease and notice 90 days before termination or of intent to not renew the said lease.  If Country Apartments cannot or unwilling to provide both of us with a lease I will set forward this year to find a new place for myself or both of us to live and exercise all legal options available to me.

If  Frank and Joe are inclined to do something for Paula,  I would suggest replacing the locks or letting me put a set on, replacing the screen door, and replacing the rollers in the sliding door.  Frank shut off the Ice maker and told her not to use it, and Paula gave up asking about these things years ago and the rollers would help make a quieter place for Kathy I’m sure. When I moved in Paula was afraid to use the garbage disposal because of having a problem with it previously and Frank getting involved.  Frank is currently bad and solving problems and managing the property.  I have entertained the idea of taking a similar job but I like my daily freedom to do what I want,  most of the time anyway…

Police Section:  If this information is being read by a member of law-enforcement I hereby request that any person in violation of the law be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law per Paula’s and my previous requests and complaints for which we have completed the official first steps of in order to enable you to arrest and prosecute our harassers.

On Dec 17, 2020, Kathy started pounding on the floor again.  we assume this is because we spoke a couple of sentences to each other.  In my opinion, Frank has aided and is now abetting Kathy in such a way that she feels she can silence us from normal conversation.  Once again the living room area is off-limits to us for conversation.  Cathy or Kathy’s police report letter from me can be found here.  She has been harassing Paula for years before I moved in.

My current time creating this page is 20 hours,  plus pre planing time and photos @ my hourly rate is now well over $10,000 in time expenses.

Jeff Ball


Reviewed by Paula on 12-17-2020

P.S. The bottom of the dumpster is rusting all over the parking lot and needs to be replaced.  They want the customer to call.