In my investigation into what was going on, I found that part of Paula’s bead making included glue.  In further investigation, I found excessive glue usage and now have watched her put the glue on her hand and smell it.  She later peals it.  I told her this was very dangerous and explained how this is now a very unacceptable thing for her health and safety including showing her the label.  In hindsight, I now wonder if some of her vomiting problems and getting sick the day of her surgery weren’t related to her sniffing glue either the night before or the morning of, or both.

In order to establish a timeline and try to determine usage, I have been taking photos of her glue supply.  As of Today 12-17-2020, I captured a photo of the box and now know that she has been getting it at the Hobby Lobby where she also rings a bell for the salvation army.

Paula likes the smell of gasoline, cigarettes and likes to bathe in the fumes created by cleaning chemicals, vinegar, Ammonia, Murphys Oils soap, and anything else she can get her hands on.  This appears to be a direct cause of her breathing problems including emphysema.

After returning from a monthly cleaning job Paula had a higher level of energy, and then sat down and “did some glue” which had an effect on her deminer.  Paula is now becoming more aggressive and snippy when on glue and about doing it.

I have taken several photos are over the last month up to today.