Dear Mr. President.

Subject: Michigan and Nationwide Sex and Human trafficking.

Goal: Expose the democrats nationwide sex trafficking criminal enterprise organization and participation.  Drain the swamp.

Note: I live in terror of law enforcement.  Please call first.

I’m asking for your help in putting a lot of very bad people in jail including the man that created a strip club in your name, representative of “Trump’s women”, and filled it with prostitutes some 20 years ago.  With the help of Kilpatrick, he has made Michigan a bigger brothel than Las Vegas.  I have researched sex trafficking in the Detroit area all my life.  I’m 58, male, and in those years I might have accumulated some technical fouls but I never did anything horrible.  But still Law enforcement, who host live lesbian sex shows, etc in their FOP halls have already raped me and I’m terrified every day with no end in sight.  The Detroit death count is now far past 85 and we have a “rape culture” in our schools and community.

Michigan Sex Trafficking has never been greater and better for customers and is now nationwide.

I have tried to report this to everyone I could and always end up with no response.  The full story is huge and I have a plan that I believe can expose a lot of bad people, mainly democrats or whatever they really are, and put a lot more people in Jail.

Gretchen Whitmer would not take an hour to talk about human trafficking after repeated calls and conversations with her staff.  She spent her time mainly in elementary school classrooms.

I also contacted the offices of Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, and Haley Stevens multiple times with no response.

The Police and local attorneys are customers.

I dream of a group of investigators that have a week to absorb and take action on the multiple people, and due to the sheer mass of the data, take the time and follow through to put a lot of bad people in our schools, police, government, community, and our nation in jail.  Because the problem is nationwide and now public.  I was working on a book but it’s a rape report and could serve as a guide for traffickers.

I knew Karen McDugal when she was a stripper at the Landing Strip before playboy.  I was the “Internet guy”.

Professionally tested IQ around 130 (twice).  I have 40 years of IT including Cyber Security.

I consider myself a crime victim.

PTSD me on Twitter @Richier56522796

You may have seen my post of Kwami and two strippers.  That’s Andrea and Mandiee, both of which I know all to well and are on the list.

I need a lawyer as Detroit is filled with lawyers that are customers, and I want statutory immunity so I can feel safe. I need a pardon for the misdemeanor the police with the help of a potential call from a democrat, forced on me.  A good meal would go a long way too.

Right now I have nothing to live for.  America is under attack and I don’t know who is in control of it.  It’s not the democrats.  I have been letting my heart disease take me because I don’t think anyone will ever see justice and I can’t live with the PTSD or it never stopping.  A full-time job investigating sex trafficking might be something though.  I do have special skills.

I have followed you and respected you through the years.  Thank you for everything you have done.  You are the only president in my lifetime that I can say I am proud of.

So there.  Kill me or Save me.  I don’t care anymore.  I have nothing to live for.  Non-responsive is the most popular choice…

Note: I live in terror of law enforcement.  Please call first.