This is not legal advice, I just like this area of law.
I haven’t seen the actual complaints and the Google DMCA take-downs are TMI. However, the RIAA has had a problem for some time. Let’s say a streamer played songs without a license.  it’s a $150,000 fine per song. So now the RIAA would like to sue the streamer, but if that is a single mother living in the attic of her parent’s house, It’s a problem and the owner of that song might not appreciate it to the level they may feel they have been damaged and take actions against the RIAA. Not to mention the streamer in this example dosen’t have the $150,000 and if they really played 200 songs or 30 million in damages, well, you can’t get water out of a rock. So they don’t really want to spend a lot of money to make none.
In comes Twitter, Twitter is over there ghosting, shadowing, banning, providing special editing tools for politicians, and blatantly promoting a political agenda. When Twitter started fact-checking the president they stupidly had the arrogance to think they could mess with the President of the United States of America. A Twitter user.
Well, that was enough and an executive order was signed that basically took away Twitter, and Facebook’s and anybody else that edits their content preventing free speech, (that’s very basic). Now Twitter and Twitch can be shown to be “Content Providers” which is not the same as the previously protected third party works protections,  and opens the door to lawsuits and the RIAA.
DJ licenses have been around for years and DJs, Bars, etc, should all have them.
The RIAA files a couple of years of DMCA’s to show that Twitch was not enforcing its policies, presents the ever-changing policies, maybe add a few testimonies and samples of editorial decisions, and Twitch is a content provider. Twitch is then liable for damages, and your 200 songs. They have a lot of money too.

Reportedly the RIAA sent our thousands of DMCA notices. $150,000 x 3000 = $450 million and I’m betting there was more than one song per takedown making Twitch, priceless.

I would suggest you look into a license that I’m guessing could cover all your work, or Twitch most likely will end up getting a license for everybody or just be owned by the RIAA.

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