Possible information leak of LEO personal info.

The website ar15.com was recently taken offline by Godaddy.  According to a statement on their Youtube channel, they decided to go with EPIK as their new host and were back online in 36 hours.  (36 hours is a sign of very poor IT planning).  they had a great conversation with the owner.

EPIK is owned by Rob Monster who has his own Wikipedia page full of disturbing nutcase creepy shit.  (sorry, ?)

EPIK put the website in the Amazon cloud.

This allows the website to run non-stop and for backups or snapshots to be made without the site ever going down.  Any administrator in their right mind would do this and hopefully, make sure they are working as expected in case they are needed.  This includes running and testing for proper operation.  This can also allow the admin, or in this case, Rob, to duplicate the databases and process them undetected as much as he wants.

This most likely includes the following data

  • LEO Certification (true or false)
  • Username
  • Password
  • E-mail address
  • Optional real name
  • All posts made by the user
  • All private messages stored in the system
  • Every login IP number ever used (used for anti spam/troll)

AR15.com LEO, etc., identification requirements*

My concern

Rob can now import forum and web usage stats from other forums and websites that he hosts and build a user profile including all Usernames, Passwords (may need to be cracked), IP numbers used, words used, private messages for review, etc.  Much of this can be then used in attacks directed towards LEO IPs and as seed words for brute force password attacks on email and other accounts.

AR15 does require LEO to submit a photo ID via email and I do not know where that is stored, however, it is possible that by using the passwords stored in the database for users and administrators that a brute force attack on the admin eMail accounts could yield results and possibly photo IDs and emails with more sensitive LEO information.

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Please don’t use VPN’s based in other countries that make you part of a national security risk.

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