The media goes long

My take on the GME/AMC drama is this. As the Democrats are in full control now and wall street is reacting to the trillions in spending and going down, the American people are being told by the media that a group, angry about shorting, got revenge, and many did, which not only put the markets in the news in a positive way but brought millions more young people into the market, who will lose their money in time and we all know that.

The Democrats/media get some very important things out of this.

First, the movie theaters get to stay in business without the funding they just got and AMC returns to a 15 or hopefully 20 regular average and can pay its bills, keep the doors open, clean up popcorn, repeat. Those new compliant theaters do cost a lot to build and maintain after all and they can do that now. Media gets to keep the theaters and rebuilds them into places that attract a larger, mostly white (but I could be wrong, but from development locations, I have seen…) audience.

Second, GME falls in as disliked by game developers, yet the media needs them to maintain the things in the larger “development” area, new customers. The media wants and needs to keep that store open in malls everywhere. That helps get kids interested in games on a brick and mortar attraction basis with no interference from Internet filtering systems. The kids see the store, and it’s game over. these new kids become customers, and games leading to media movies are good to go forever.

With the whole “your losing your store to bad stuff”, The gaming community makes it easy to enlist an army of kids that will fight for any cause, post lots of stuff, and take the blame with pride. They are all trained in teamwork, objectives, planning, strategy, fast responses, high-risk taking, computer skills, and communications, which is commonplace for them now. Talk about the A-Team.

Finally, The market going down as a whole can now be blamed on this and not the trillions of spending being sent through with no end in sight for the now dominant party the market is very worried about.

Crypto is a major threat to the financial world because of the lack of fees for them. If XRP was to replace VISA/MC it would have a major financial impact as CC processing fee revenue would drop to nothing. It’s been a banking threat for a long time.

As the drama worsens in stock land there becomes the expectation that some crypto will receive the benefits of all that money and so we had the SEC/XRP drama that protects the one crypto that has really been locked down or “shorted” and would have been the goto crypto and made millions rich. Instead, with pre-buying DOGE at $.01 for a few months, the “take their money” position becomes ready and they sold in bulk at over a 5 cent gain. Pennies in, Nickles out to help pay for expenses.

Now, what’s better than a good thriller movie, with a date, and inspired by a great game while the media industry struggles with high prices and lowered attendance? A happy couple that doesn’t care how much they pay using their CC because it should be a good movie. What could be better?